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The AASD web site has now been enabled to allow you to create CSV files for uploading to the Copyright Agency, (CAL) in accordance with the Resale Royalty Right for Visual Artists Bill, 2009.


AASD Instructions


Instructions for creating the file for uploading to Copyright Agency are:


1. Log into the AASD site


2. Click on the menu selection just under the title bar 'CAL files'. Your browser will display a page with a list of your completed current year sales. Only sales after June 9, 2010 have to be reported.


3. Select the sale for which you want to create the CSV file, and click on a button 'Create CSV file' next to the sale date and title.

A Microsoft Excel compatible CSV file will open in your browser which you can then save on your own computer.

Once you have saved the file, there may be manual adjustments required for such items as:

* Additional 'A' lots added to the sale after catalogue preparation

* Editing of spreadsheet data for changes as a result of 'Saleroom Notices'

* Entering post auction sales results, not recorded in the AASD.


4. Complete column N, the column headed 'Seller acquired work post June 8th, 2010'. Enter 'Yes' next to any works where the vendor advised that he/she acquired the work after June 9, 2010


5. Save the file as Excel 2003 or an earlier version. Thank you.


Once checked and edited, the file is ready to be uploaded to your CAL portal.


For assistance downloading the report from AASD please email John Furphy at


For assistance uploading your report to the Copyright Agency portal please contact Judy Grady at or 1800 066 844 or 02 9394 7773.


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