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Information for Art Market Professionals

The Resale Royalty Scheme


The resale royalty scheme entitles artists and their beneficiaries to a 5% royalty on certain resales of their works.


The Australian government has appointed Copyright Agency to manage the scheme. Copyright Agency is a non-profit organisation that has been managing rights for artists, publishers and other creators for 50 years.

Art Market Professionals


"Art market professionals" - who include auctioneers, art dealers, art galleries, museums and others involved in the business of dealing in artworks - have legal obligations under the scheme.

Reporting Resales

Vendors – directly or through their agents – must provide Copyright Agency with sufficient information about all commercial resales after 8 June 2010 for Copyright Agency to work out:

  • provide certain information to Copyright Agency; and
  • ensure, together with the buyer and seller that royalties are paid to Copyright Agency to on-pay to artists and their beneficiaries.

This information can be provided to Copyright Agency by the gallery, auction house or dealer.

Paying Royalties


A royalty is payable on a reported resale if:

  • the work was acquired after 8 June 2010;
  • the sale price (including GST) was $1,000 or more;
  • the artist is from Australia or a country listed in the Regulations to the Act.

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